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Filmblik (13) – One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

McMurphy [pretending to watch the World Series on TV] ‘Koufax… Koufax kicks. He delivers. It’s up the middle! It’s a base hit! Richardson is rounding first. He’s going for second. The ball’s into deep right center. Davis cuts the ball off! Here comes the throw. He throws it to second! He slides! He’s in there! He’s safe! It’s a double.! Richardson’s on second base!’
McMurphy ‘Koufax is in big fucking trouble! Big trouble, baby! All right. Tresh is the next batter. Tresh looks in. Koufax… Koufax gets a sign from Roseboro. He kicks once. He pumps. He fires. It’s a strike! Koufax’s curve ball is snapping off like a fucking firecracker! All right, here he comes with the next pitch. Tresh swings. It’s a long fly ball to deep left center!’
[patients cheer]
McMurphy ‘It’s going! It’s gone! Let’s hear it! One way!’

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest Jack Nitzsche
The Star Spangled Banner Steve Vai

Filmscène met Nurse Ratched

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